Choe’s Urology

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Fully Reviewed 4th Edition

Give yourself the assurance that you are fully prepared for the Urology Oral Board Exam with the new 4th edition of the Choe's Urology Oral Board Self-Assessment by Editor Lawrence L. Yeung, MD with contributors from 27 leading urologist.

The new 4th edition includes 95 updated new cases with systematic analysis to help you prepare for the Oral Board. You benefit by reviewing the full range of cases prepared in a responsive format for most effective learning—study points use prompt to elicit key information in a logical way.

Cases are presented in a s similar style to the actual oral examination format.

For example, urologists answer:
  • How does the condition present?
  • What lab/imaging tests are appropriate?
  • What are the treatment recommendations?
  • What surgical techniques do you use?
  • What is the differential diagnosis?
  • What are possible complications and your follow-up?
      • Thorough—You get over 90 specific cases in more than 400 pages.
      • Focused—You focus on the key issues that you need to be familiar with.
      • Systematic—For easy retention, each case is outlined in a logical format.
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