New 4th Edition

Give yourself the assurance that you are fully prepared for the Urology Oral Board Exam with the new 4th edition of Choe's Urology Oral Board Self-Assessment by Editor Lawrence L. Yeung, MD. with contributors from 27 leading urologists.

The new 4th edition includes 95 updated new cases with systematic analysis to help you prepare for the Oral Board. You benefit by reviewing the full range of cases prepared in a responsive format for most effective learning—study points use prompts to elict key information in a logical way.

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Otolaryngology Clinical Case Studies Oral Board Exam Review will prepare you for the Oral Board with cases from 28 contributors.

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Ophthalmology Clinical Case Studies

Ophthalmology Clinical Case Studies by Thomas F. Mauger, MD.

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Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care

The Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care—The quick reference choice of thousands of residents.

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Emergency Medicine

Case-based for most effective learning and retention. Bouncebacks! helps emergency physicians sharpen their analytical skills to improve patient safety.

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Medical and Legal

Released October 2011, the second volume of the Bouncebacks! series adds Kevin Klauer, MD. EJD as an author.

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Bouncebacks! Pediatrics encompasses 28 cases of children who were seen in the emergency department, discharged and then "bounced back" with a different diagnosis, sometimes reversible, sometimes life-ending.

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