Emergency Medicine

Bouncebacks! Critical Care Cases

-Michael B. Weinstock and Kevin M. Klauer

In this fourth book in the Bouncebacks! series, the story pauses at important decision points as possible management strategies are considered in a literature-based fashion, followed by a revelation of the path chosen by the actual provider and the subsequent patient outcome.

Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases

-Michael B. Weinstock and Ryan Longstreth

Case-based for most effective learning and retention. Bouncebacks! helps emergency physicians sharpen their analytical skills to improve patient safety.

Bouncebacks! Medical and Legal

-Michael B. Weinstock and Kevin M. Klauer

Released October 2011, the second volume of the Bouncebacks! series adds Kevin Klauer, MD. EJD as an author.

Bouncebacks! Pediatrics

-Michael B. Weinstock, Kevin M. Klauer, Madeline Matar Joseph

Bouncebacks! Pediatrics encompasses 28 cases of children who were seen in the emergency department, discharged and then "bounced back" with a different diagnosis, sometimes reversible, sometimes life-ending.