Family Medicine

The Resident's Guide to Ambulatory Care, 8th Edition

With sales of more than 40,000 copies, The Resident’s Guide to Ambulatory Care continues to be the “go to” consult for the rapid diagnosis and management of conditions commonly encountered by residents in the ambulatory setting. In addition to being updated, The 8th Edition is restructured to deliver the information in the most effective way. A key addition is the new Adult Infectious Disease section, with a comprehensive chapter on Emerging Infectious Diseases. Within these pages are the most recent national guidelines on a host of conditions with up-to-date charts, tables, algorithms and web links to “living documents,” all arranged for rapid reference; our goal is to provide the information needed while you are walking down the hall to the patient’s room. The 8th Edition provides state of the art information on evaluation and management of common ambulatory conditions in a straightforward, concise, and focused format.

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